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Interested in making new friends in and around the city, going on adventures and taking in some of the best events? Are you a fan of the Maximum Fun podcasting network? Have we got an offer for you! MaxFun NYC is an unofficial fan group that holds monthly meetups, events, daily discussions and shares tips on the best things to see, eat, and do in Greater NYC area. Don’t miss out on awesome stuff like this.

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MaxFun NYC is first and foremost a closed Facebook group, meaning it won’t spam your friends and people outside the group can’t see what you post there (that’s why we made this spiffy website.)

To get the most out of MaxFun NYC, we suggest joining the conversation on Facebook. Facebook will prompt you with our group rules and 2 mandatory security questions marked [REQUIRED], as this helps us avoid spam bots.

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We’re also on Twitter at @MaxFunNYC! If you don’t use Facebook, make sure you follow us since we’ll be tweeting out event details and news you need to know.

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Do you play video james? We’ve got a dedicated voice chat server for playing with fellow group members over on Discord.