Housecat-sterpiece Theater Presents xXx: Fifty Shades Flopper

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

June 8th: With back-to-back Flop House live shows, you can't really blame Stuart for putting off having to watch xXx: The Return of Xander Cage & Fifty Shades Darker. So we're all doing it together the night before!

Hinterlands’ 1st Anniversary

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

June 17th: Hinterlands, the bar founded and run by The Flop House's Stuart Wellington (and MaxFun NYC's official bar), is turning 1! Like every first birthday, come have a good time and then be completely unable to remember it!

MaxFun NYC Does Coney Island

Luna Park 1000 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY

June 22nd: We're going to have a full day of fun! Bring your kids (or just your inner child) as we go to Luna Park and break into smaller groups to fill our need for thrills. Then as the sun starts to go down we'll walk the beach and hit some of the bars on the shore.

Game Night with Tony Ochre

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Flop House artist/animator Tony Ochre is visiting NYC and wants to hang out at Hinterlands, which he's never gotten to see. Even though he designed their *awesome* t-shirt (you may have seen Justin McElroy sporting it on @midnight). We'll be giving him a warm MaxFun NYC welcome with an evening of drinks and casual card games.

The Adventure Zone Finale-bration

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Aug. 17th: Earbuds in. We sync up together. We cry together. We cheer together. We drink together. And we never, ever forget.

MaxFun Flamecon Meetup

Circa Brewery 141 Lawrence St, Brooklyn, NY

Aug. 19th: Going to Flamecon? Cosplaying from TAZ? Come vogue with us, darlings! We'll be meeting up in the Marriott Lobby at 3pm, plus meeting up at 7pm that evening at Circa Brewery!

Long Island Super Hero Bar Crawl

The Nutty Irishman 361 Main Street, Farmingdale, NY

Sept. 23rd: Calling all comic book, super hero, cosplay and fantasy fans! Wear your best ComiCon costume Saturday, September 23, 2017 and come have a drink with fellow Superheroes, side kicks and villains!

Free – $25

MaxFun High Super Senior Prom: Time Ain’t Nothing But A Number

The Footlight 465 Seneca Ave, Queens

Sept. 23rd: Cotillion: More Like Too-Real-ion. Come to the Footlight! Get Glammed up, ask out that cutie you see at monthly karaoke or go stag! Join your fellow MaxFun High super seniors!


MaxFloof Dog Meetup: Brewdogs and Harvey Rescue

Strong Rope Brewery 574 President St, Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 1st: Get drooled on by Teddy and drink beer for a good cause. Dog wanters and dog havers are both welcome. Dog havers who come but don't bring their own doggos must give Teddy extra butt scratches as a penalty.

We Had That

Twist and Smash'd Sports 34-02 Steinway St, Long Island City, NY

Oct. 9th: Come hang out with MaxFun NYC and Mark and Hal of We Got this after the 3pm We Got That show on the Muppets. We'll be grabbing food, drinks, playing bocce and reminiscing on our favorite Muppet moments.

Day of the Drunk Bar Crawl

Old Man Hustle 39 Essex St, New York, NY

Oct. 21st: Malt. Hops. Graaaaaaaaains. It's getting spooky out, so we're going to hit the town while the streets are still safe for the living. Come hit up some great bars around Manhattan with us!

Thanksgrooving Karaoke

Karaoke Duet 53 900 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Nov. 19th: We're thankful for good friends, show tunes, and the freedom that having a private room to sing in grants us. Come ring in turkey season by singing like a bird even if that bird is a turkey, we take all kinds!


Thank Travis for Travis Happy Hour

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Jan. 25th: Travis McElroy will be in town for Jean and John, and we're rolling out the Welcome Wagon to let him know that MaxFun NYC Thanks Travis for Travis. Grab a drink, relax before the show, and come make new Middlest-loving friends.

Spring Forward Bar Crawl

Canal Bar 270 3rd Ave # A, Brooklyn, NY

March 24th: If you're going to lose an hour anyway, you might as well do it the RIGHT way. Join us and make new MaxFun friends as we tour the bars of Gowanus/Park Slope, chat, and maybe play some card games!

Saturday Mourning – A Cartoon Afternoon

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

April 28th: Join us Hinterlands Bar for a Saturday of classic cartoons, spiked cereal, & cocktails. We open at 1p, show starts at 2p & will wrap by 5p. Come grab a seat, a drink, a spoon and a bowl! Free cereal if you're drinking! Pajamas optional.

GreatestGenKhan Afterparty

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Aug. 24th: After the Greatest Generation live show at the Bell House, we're partying like Drunk Shimodas over at Hinterland's holodeck. Awesome prizes, themed drinks, leaning walls -- we've got it all!

MaxFlirt NYC Singles Meetup

Peculier Pub 145 Bleecker Street, New York, NY

Aug. 29th: Meeting other singles sucks. But you already love hanging out with your fellow MaxFun NYC members, so why don't we just do that, 'cept everyone there's lookin' to mingle?

Haunterlands Shocktoberfest

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 27th: *chain rattle* *chain rattle* BOOGUNS! It's a MaxFun NYC halloween party at Hinterlands complete with drinks, snacks, a costume contents with prizes, and most importantly of all: your favorite people!


Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Dec. 15th: What's that jingle-jangling through the crisp December air? Could it be Ho Ho's sleigh—you never know during Candlenights season! We've got cookies, drinks, a Yankee swap AND we're helping raise money for the Food Bank of New York City!

MaxFun NYC Goes Medieval On Your Ass

Medieval Times 149 Polito Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ

Jan. 18th: We're going back to Medieval Times! Horses, knaves, mead and rotisserie chicken FAR better than it has any right being.


JJGo Afterparty

Minnie's Bar 885 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

June 26th: We're throwing a meetup directly after the Summer Boys of Summer show at The Bell House, featuring fellow tuppies, Jordan Morris and possibly Jesse Thorn! NOTE: this event is 21+, shaved, no drama and 420-friendly.

MaxFun NYC’s MBMBaM Live Show Afterparty

Hinterlands Bar 739 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 18th: After the MBMBaM live show, when we've been turned into beams of pure light, we're going to party at The Brothers' favorite Brooklyn bar and you're invited! Cosplay, prizes, themed drinks and more!

MaxFun NYC’s Halloween Party

Minnie's Bar 885 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 26th: What's that?! Is it a g-g-g-g-g. A g-g-g-g. A g-g-g-great party?! It is! We'll have drinks, candy, music, costumes, prizes, and more. (21+)

MaxFun NYC ‘Strikes’ Back

Melody Lanes 461 37th St, Brooklyn, NY

Feb. 22nd: Whether you're an experienced bowler or just looking to kill an afternoon, you can't ask for a better group of people to bowl with.

$9 – $18

Jackbox Game Night

Minnie's Bar 885 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Jul. 27th: Join us for a night of drinks and Jackbox Games on the big screen!