Recommended Event Sites

In addition to the events created for the group, I’ve also been adding interesting/recommended events to the community calendar (and you can add events you find here). Here’s a good guide to sites you should be check I’m going to list all the sites I normally check for good local events. If you know of any others, be sure to add them in the comments!

This is a good calendar for events, especially those with a bit of an academic or nerd bent.

The Skint

The Skint is a good email/site for free or cheap events. You’ll wind up finding some interesting street festivals or cheap comedy/music on it.

Nifty NYC

Eh, it’s alright. It lets you filter by borough which is helpful.

Oh My Rockness!

Really good site for concerts. Although you should also be using a service like Bandsintown or Songkick so you don’t miss your favorite artists.

Time Out NY

TONY is a pretty authoritative guide, but that also means it doesn’t list very many events. Use it to find out which big shows are highly reviewed, but don’t expect it to find the open mic in your neighborhood.

Brokelyn Events

Another cheapo guide. There are a lot of events listed here, and it’s helpful if you’re looking for art exhibitions, one-man shows and other small events.


I’ve only recently discovered this, but it’s a good source for comedy shows of all sizes.


Individual Venue Calendars

This is one of the most reliable ways I find stuff to do.