MaxFun NYC: An Unofficial Maximum Fun New York City Fan Group

MaxFun NYC began 2 years ago as a thriving Facebook Group of New Yorkers who wanted to meet other Maximum Fun fans in their city and get the most out of what their city had to offer. What you’re looking at now is proof that this community is continuing to grow with more friends every week, and that you can’t have big plans without a few growing pains.

We’ve just begun building this site, and there are so many exciting things you can expect:

  1. A comprehensive calendar of group meet-ups and other recommended events.
  2. An email mailing list for people who don’t use Facebook, or who don’t want to miss out on any events.
  3. Community-sourced guides on our favorite places for food, drinks, entertainment and…well, just about everything! If you’re interesting in contributing, send an email!

If making new podcast-loving friends, going on amazing adventures and getting recommendations for the city’s best eats, entertainment and exploration appeals to you, get in on the ground floor.

Join today.