New York’s Unofficial MaxFun Fan (and Friend) Community

Are you a fan of JJGo? Is John Hodgman your highest authority? Are Elliott Kalan’s letter songs on your iPod? Are you a Bumper? Are all your paisans MBMBaMinos?

For more than two years, MaxFun NYC has served as a source of new friendships, great events and insider info all combined to make sure you get the most out of what this city had to offer.

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Featured Events

April 29th: Sponginess. "That's a Bad Bake." You might hear these phrases if you watch The Great British Bake Off. I don't. But if you love baking and being judged, put your skills to the test in our baking competition!
April 22nd: Let's get some drinks and play some mini-golf! Afterwards, we can grab drinks in South Slope. Also, note this is INDOOR mini golf so weather's not going to be a problem.
April 23rd: Welcome to the dawning of the age of Aquar--- I mean, new dawn of monthly karaoke. Private room karaoke! All you can sing from 2-8 for one low price! Come and go as you wish!
May 13th: Did listening to The Adventure Zone make you want to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons? Has it been a lifelong desire that you dare not speak aloud? Time to make it happen!
May 20th: If you think the idea of packaging vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream together is too overstimulating SIT THE @#$% OUT OF THIS ONE because we're pushing frozen flavors to the limit.