New York’s Unofficial MaxFun Fan (and Friend) Community

Are you a fan of JJGo? Is John Hodgman your highest legal authority? Do you find yourself rushing into things like Magnus Burnsides? Are Elliott Kalan’s letter songs on your iPod? Are you a Bumper? Are all your paisans MBMBaMinos?

For more than three years, MaxFun NYC has served as a source of new friendships, great events and insider info all combined to make sure you get the most out of what this city had to offer.

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Featured Events

Aug. 29th: Meeting other singles sucks. But you already love hanging out with your fellow MaxFun NYC members, so why don't we just do that, 'cept everyone there's lookin' to mingle?
Sept. 15th: We highlight the wide world of roleplaying beyond D&D with monthly one-shot games highlighting the incredible diversity of genre and mechanics. Everyone is welcome, and new players are strongly encouraged!
Sept. 30th: Sing your heart out in a private room with new friends! It's all you can sing from 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm! Come and go as you wish!
Sept. 24th: You voted for it, now we have to eat it! We're going to the fancy Taco Bell Cantina. Get ready to share some apps, have a drink, and forget it's still just Taco Bell.