New York’s Unofficial MaxFun Fan (and Friend) Community

Are you a fan of JJGo? Is John Hodgman your highest legal authority? Do you find yourself rushing into things like Magnus Burnsides? Are Elliott Kalan’s letter songs on your iPod? Are you a Bumper? Are all your paisans MBMBaMinos?

For more than three years, MaxFun NYC has served as a source of new friendships, great events and insider info all combined to make sure you get the most out of what this city had to offer.

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Featured Events

May 20th: You'd have to be a mad titan to miss this month's karaoke! It's all you can sing from 2:00 pm-8:00 pm for the low low price of $16 a person! Come and go as you wish!
May 23rd: Jean Grae, John Hodgman and a celebrity guest spin a carnival wheel and discuss topics like “What Did You Dream Last Night?” “Lin-Manuel Miranda,” “Jean’s Hair,” and “John’s Privilege.”
May 19th: We highlight the wide world of roleplaying beyond D&D with monthly one-shot games highlighting the incredible diversity of genre and mechanics. Everyone is welcome, and new players are strongly encouraged!
June 3rd: Giant monsters wrestle for supremacy in this awesome live event. Who will prevail: the force of good or the nefarious Dr. Cube? We'll be meeting up at Commonwealth after the match too!
Aug. 24th: After the Greatest Generation live show at the Bell House, we're partying like Drunk Shimodas over at Hinterland's holodeck. Awesome prizes, themed drinks, leaning walls -- we've got it all!
June 16th: Join us as we zag on over to the Parkside Lounge for a very special tribute show to the McElroy Brothers and their multitude of entertainment programs, benefitting the Facing Hunger Foodbank!