New York’s Unofficial MaxFun Fan (and Friend) Community

Are you a fan of JJGo? Is John Hodgman your highest authority? Are Elliott Kalan’s letter songs on your iPod? Are you a Bumper? Are all your paisans MBMBaMinos?

For more than two years, MaxFun NYC has served as a source of new friendships, great events and insider info all combined to make sure you get the most out of what this city had to offer.

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Featured Events

Sept. 29th: We're going back to Medieval Times! Horses, knaves, mead and and rotisserie chicken FAR better than it has any right being.
Aug. 23rd: After the Greatest Generation live show at the Bell House, we're partying like Drunk Shimodas over at Hinterland's holodeck. Awesome prizes, themed drinks, leaning walls -- we've got it all!
Sept. 8th: After the MBMBaM live show, when we've been turned into beams of pure light, we're going to party at The Brothers' favorite Brooklyn bar and you're invited! Cosplay, prizes, themed drinks and more!
Aug. 27th: Join your local squaddies to try the newest sweet to hit your timelines: hot-pressed, ice cream stuffed doughnuts. You heard us right: hot donuts, cold ice cream, panini-pressed. Because only sealed in flavors will
Sept. 23rd: Cotillion: More Like Too-Real-ion. Come to the Footlight! Get Glammed up, ask out that cutie you see at monthly karaoke or go stag! Join your fellow MaxFun High super seniors!