New York’s Unofficial MaxFun Fan (and Friend) Community

Are you a fan of JJGo? Is John Hodgman your highest legal authority? Do you find yourself rushing into things like Magnus Burnsides? Are Elliott Kalan’s letter songs on your iPod? Are you a Bumper? Are all your paisans MBMBaMinos?

For more than three years, MaxFun NYC has served as a source of new friendships, great events and insider info all combined to make sure you get the most out of what this city had to offer.

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Featured Events

June 7th: Your favorite Original Peaches are reuniting under the same roof for a live show! Check in for details about a potential (c'mon, probable) afterparty.
April 10th: Come meet MaxFun hosts, make new podcast-loving friends, and have a fun night full of drinks, games, laughter and prizes! If you're new to the network, or just new to MaxFun NYC, you won't want to miss this!
March 24th: If you're going to lose an hour anyway, you might as well do it the RIGHT way. Join us and make new MaxFun friends as we tour the bars of Gowanus/Park Slope, chat, and maybe play some card games!
April 8th: Group member Glen Tickle is taking his daughter to the AMNH and, "My daughter said she's going to try to ride a dinosaur skeleton so we'll probably get kicked out...And if you think I'm going to try to stop my daughter
April 28th: Join us Hinterlands Bar for a Saturday of classic cartoons, spiked cereal, & cocktails. We open at 1p, show starts at 2p & will wrap by 5p. Come grab a seat, a drink, a spoon and a bowl! Free cereal if you're drinking!